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Watch Elandera jump right off the page in the new promo!

Elandera Elements Teaser.png


Elements of Victory, the fourth book in the Elandera series, is officially well underway! This installment will finally bring the war to a close, and one way or another, the fate of Elandera will be decided.


Want to get caught up, or just start your journey through Elandera for the first time? Click on our Store and pick up the first three books or ebooks so you're ready to go when Elements of Victory launches!


With Elandera now taking the next step, we decided that it was time to take the next step with the graphics as well.

Up until now, Elandera's creatures and images have all been hand-drawn and created. However, with Elandera's move into the new 3D animated models featured in the new promo video, we are doing what we can to update many of the graphics on this website in a similar fashion.

Obviously, this will not be a quick process, but we'll continue to work at it as we go. Over time, you will see new 3D models of your favorite Elandera creatures popping up all over this website, especially in their bios. Make sure to check back often to see what exciting changes have been made!

Terraleau 2.png
Coming Darkness.png
The Twelfth Gem.png
Icelight Front Cover.png

Elandera eBooks are here!

Want to get reading the exciting Elandera series right now? eBooks are now available for Coming Darkness, The Twelfth Gem, and Icelight! You can purchase and download them all right from the Elandera store to read on the go.

eBook files are compatible with most devices and tablets.

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