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The Elandera series began as a simple idea that spiralled into a popular fantasy/adventure series by Canadian author Greg Lampman. Here, you can see the different books in the Elandera series, as well as sample chapters from each one.

Coming Darkness


Coming Darkness is the first book in the exciting Elandera series.


Twenty-fours hours ago, Damian was just a normal kid with a normal life. But all that changed in an instant. Using a special bracelet left behind by a mysterious stranger, Damian was transported to the marvelous land of Elandera. A world of wonder. A world of magic...A world at war. Elandera is currently being threatened by a dark force known as the Kalimai Regime, waging a brutal war in an attempt to take control over the land. Creatures of all shapes and sizes are being recruited with promises of endless power. Out of greed and ignorance, they agree. Those who remain must band together to stop this threat before their world falls to pieces around them. However, they cannot do it alone. If Elandera is to survive these dark times, they are going to need a saviour. Brought from a world called Earth through a mystical portal. Damian is that saviour. He just doesn't know it yet.


Ages 9+

The Twelfth Gem


The Twelfth Gem is the exciting follow up to the explosive first book in the Elandera series, Coming Darkness.


Months after their failed assault on the Lorymar Plains, the Kalimai Regime have returned with a vengeance. And this time, they brought something with them. Using magic darker than shadow itself, the evil Kalimai Master has forged a weapon of tremendous power. With it in his hand, he believes that nothing can stand between him and total control of Elandera. It is a weapon of unimaginable destruction, one that can sieze the mind and dull the senses. A weapon of pure hatred. Now, the Gem Fairy Alliance must find a way to defend against this new threat while preparing the Elandar Rebellion for a war that is already reaching critical levels. New creatures must be recruited, and Damian must be called back from Earth if Elandera is to have any hopes of survival. However, even that holds more challenges than expected...


Ages 9+



Icelight is the third book in the thrilling Elandera series.

The destructive force of the Shadow Gem has been revealed, and all of Elandera quivers under its power. Something must be done to stop it, or the Elandar Rebellion is doomed to defeat. The answer may lie within an age-old relic from a time long forgotten, but its existence is shrouded in mystery and myth. With nothing more than hope to guide them, the remaining Gem fairies must take a chance to save everything they have battled so hard to protect. Together, their journeys will take them to different lands - some previously ventured, others exotic and new. They will face threats far beyond imagination, some even stretching into the realm of nightmare. But they must succeed. If they don't, then the fate of Elandera - and the lives of every single creature within it - may already be sealed in darkness. 


Ages 9+

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