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The first book in the exciting Elandera series.

Elandera: Coming Darkness

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  • Coming Darkness is the first book in the exciting Elandera series.


    Twenty-fours hours ago, Damian was just a normal kid with a normal life. But all that changed in an instant.

    Using a special bracelet left behind by a mysterious stranger, Damian was transported to the marvelous land of Elandera. A world of wonder. A world of magic...

    ...a world at war. Elandera is currently being threatened by a dark force known as the Kalimai Regime, waging a brutal war in an attempt to take control over the land. Creatures of all shapes and sizes are being recruited with promises of endless power. Out of greed and ignorance, they agree.

    Those who remain must band together to stop this threat before their world falls to pieces around them. However, they cannot do it alone. If Elandera is to survive these dark times, they are going to need a saviour.

    Brought from a world called Earth through a mystical portal. Damian is that saviour. He just doesn't know it yet.


    Ages 9+

    315 Pages

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