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Elandera: Icelight eBook

  • This is the eBook version of Elandera: Icelight, the third and latest book in the exciting Elandera series. It contains the same material as the physical copy, though may have different formatting.


    This is a PDF file, and can be viewed on most standard devices and OS.


    The destructive force of the Shadow Gem has been revealed, and all of Elandera quivers under its power. Something must be done to stop it, or the Elandar Rebellion is doomed to defeat.

    The answer may lie within an age-old relic from a time long forgotten, but its existence is shrouded in mystery and myth. With nothing more than hope to guide them, the remaining Gem fairies must take a chance to save everything they have battled so hard to protect.

    Together, their journeys will take them to different lands - some previously ventured, others exotic and new. They will face threats far beyond imagination, even stretching into the realm of nightmare.

    But they must succeed. If they don't, then the fate of Elandera - and the lives of every single creature within it - may already be sealed in darkness. 


    Ages 9+

    416 Pages

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