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Elandera: The Twelfth Gem eBook

  • This is the eBook version of Elandera: The Twelfth Gem, the second book in the exciting Elandera series. It contains the same material as the physical copy, though may have different formatting.


    This is a PDF file, and can therefore be viewed on most standard devices and OS.


    Months after their failed assault on the Lorymar Plains, the Kalimai Regime have returned with a vengeance. And this time, they brought something with them.

    Using magic darker than shadow itself, the evil Kalimai Master has forged a weapon of tremendous power. With it in his hand, he believes that nothing can stand between him and total control of Elandera.

    It is a weapon of unimaginable destruction, one that can sieze the mind and dull the senses. A weapon of pure hatred...

    Now, the Gem Fairy Alliance must find a way to defend against this new threat while preparing the Elandar Rebellion for a war that is already reaching critical levels.

    New creatures must be recruited, and Damian must be called back from Earth if Elandera is to have any hopes of survival.

    However, even that holds more challenges than expected...


    Ages 9+

    435 Pages

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